Our classrooms are our students' second home. They are spacious with proper ventilation facilities and can accommodate all the children comfortably. The classrooms are kept cleaned and organised. Our classrooms have sufficient resources to provide rich learning environment to the students. The classrooms have CCTV cameras installed to prevent any untoward incident.


To meet the current demand of the hi-tech world, it has become necessary for the students to be able to feel comfortable with the computer operations and develop skills to use technology in their day-to-day life. We have computer labs to provide advanced computer skills to the students. The computers have all the required softwares installed that will help students develop various computer skills as per their curricula.



We have a large playground where students can play various sports and games. We believe that the students need a dedicated space to develop their physical skills and our playground serves that purpose well. Playground is the most favourite area of our students and a lot of social learning happens there.


We have a well-resourced library with books in more than 5 languages. The large collection of fiction and non-fiction books provide a good platform for the students to develop interest in reading as well as serve as a rich source of information. We keep updating our library with latest books that can serve as an additional resource for the children for various curricular, co-curricular and extra curricular activities.


Physical development is one of the main focus areas in early childhood development. To provide child-friendly environment to the children where they can engage in various physical activities, we have a well-resourced dome with various equipments for the children to enjoy various physical activities. The children spend good amount of time in the play area where they enjoy the most.