From the desk of Supervisors

Divya Tahiliani - Supervisor (Primary Section)

Our school motto is "Enter to learn, go out to serve ". Our objective is to open the doors of all the eager minds and nurture them by inculcating moral values, positivity, developing integrity, self-esteem and we strive to nurture them with creativity and innovation to become ideal citizens of tomorrow. We believe that this can be achieved with the support of the parents and our highly committed teachers. Teachers are the part and parcel of the education system. Our staff is very co-operative and always engage the students in studies through various hands-on activities and motivate them to develop a positive attitude towards life. My teachers are my support and strength who help me to achieve my vision. My mission is to kindle all the innocent hearts with knowledge to become bold, smart and confident when they go to serve outside. Their sweet smiles and love are my rewards.

Prakash Dasani - Supervisor (Secondary and Higher Secondary Section)

My passion for teaching brought me back to the same organisation where I had got my formal education. It is a great feeling to be associated with Dr. C. G. School for more than 15 years now and providing the best of education to the students of the community. The school is a place not only to get bookish knowledge but also to get prepared for the world outside. We try to provide everything to the students that will make them prepared for the challenges of the world outside. That proud feeling when the students come with their success stories  and fulfilled dreams after leaving the school is something that keeps me going.

Komal Bachani - Supervisor (Pre-primary Section)

“A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge, and wisdom in the pupils.”            - Ever Garrison
When children enter school for the first time in pre-primary and separate from their parents for the first time, the school needs to be the children's second home. The children need to be loved and cared when they come out of their comfort zone for the first time. We have loving teachers and adequate materials to make the children feel like home. Pre-primary education is not only meant to prepare children for the formal schooling but also build basic values of life among them and groom them physically, emotionally and socially. I want the children to become the leaders of tomorrow. I take immense pride in being associated with Dr. C. G. School for the past 15 years shaping the future of the country.