Our History

Every community has its own literature from which one can evaluate its greatness of culture and civilisation. It is a matter of pride that Sindhi community occupies a high position in this respect. Sindhi community possesses great ideals and royal heritage of the world. Sindhis, the heirs of Sindhu civilisation, have been the victims of one of the largest migrations at the time of partition of the country. Sindhis had to sacrifice their mother land, shelters, properties and belongings. None of the other communities except Sindhi community has sacrificed so much for the nation.
Having left the entire Sindh and facing many challenges of life, the victims of this great community rehabilitated themselves in the refugee camps provided for them in various parts of India. Among them Deolali Camp was one of the refugee camps where we started standing on our feet and began to earn our bread. In those days, the children also had to earn to share their household expenses or help their parents in their work. The great thinkers and well wishers of Sindhi community started thinking about educating the children whose eduction was being disrupted. To facilitate such students they thought of starting a school. Hence they organised a trust viz. Nav Bharat Vidya Mandal. The dignitaries who worked hard to start the school were the roaring lion of Sindhis Dr. Choithram Gidwani, Padmashri Dada Jivanlal Jairamdas, Shri Mansing Chuharmal, Shri G. H. Jodhani and others.
The trust started a school in south Deolali under the name of the Father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi in 1948. Subsequently in 1949, this school was shifted to Ahmedabad where it was run in two areas (i) Kubernagar and (ii) Sabarmati Ranip. Sardarnagar Colony Came into existence in 1951 and so Sabarmati branch of the school was shifted to Sardarnagar. This branch was upgraded in 1958-59 and an independent school under the same trust was started in the name of Dr. Choithram Gidwani, the roaring lion of Sindhis and the first President of Nav Bharat Vidya Mandal.